cold waves

E.Gold (feat. Alexis) - ‘Separate Our Hearts’ (Chris Flatline ‘Distance’ Mix)

This synthwave song was released on Angular last summer, and this mix of it is something special. Here’s what was said at the time:

"A classic dance single, influenced by early house music and cold synth sounds, this release goes some way to documenting a burgeoning new clubland ‘scene’.

Helmed by clubs such as Defunkt, Reeperbahn, ECC/Offset Circles and Endurance and defined by the sounds of Coldwave, Italo, EBM, and New Beat, East London’s streets are thrumming to a new sound and this E.P. is an artefact of our times. Each track is a different feeling, by turns euphoric, downbeat, nervy and dreamy, Separate Our Hearts envelopes you, holding your hand whilst you close your eyes.

This release features some impressive remixes too. Chris Flatline is the other half of Alexis Mary’s new group Plus Ultra and his reworking is like a hymn to classic synthesizer soundtracks, Jan Hammer’s ‘Crockett’s Theme’ from Miami Vice is one that springs to mind in particular. The Horrors remix recalls the glitchy post-no wave electronic experimentalism of New York’s Crash Course In Science, and the EP is rounded of by Ghosthunter’s blissed out post dubstep comedown.”

My favourite bit is the Madonna ‘Holiday’ reference at 3.55. Look out for that..!